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Purchase Platinum to receive FREE Incendiary Cores!

June 14, 2012

Right now, from 12:00pm PST on June 14 to 12:00pm PST on June 15 you can receive FREE Incendiary Cores just for spending Platinum!

Spend 500 to 999 Platinum to receive 2 FREE Incendiary Core!
Spend 1000 to 1999 Platinum to receive 4 FREE Incendiary Cores!
Spend 2000 or more Platinum to receive 8 FREE Incendiary Cores!!

Use the Cores to build and upgrade your Sniper Towers to the max! A Level 12 Sniper Tower deals 2500 damage per shot, and has a health of 8750.

Please note that the Incendiary Cores will be paid out to the Sector in which the Platinum was spent, and each Sector will be counted individually for Incendiary Spent, so you cannot combine Spend across multiple Sectors.


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