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WIN 1000 PLATINUM for Level 11!

May 1, 2012

1000 Platinum in each Sector for the player with the most Level 11 Buildings!

From now until noon PST May 4 (7pm UTC), rush to upgrade your base! On May 4, we’ll find the player in each Sector with the most level 11 buildings, and award you 1000 Platinum!

Both the main base and Aurora-1 will count! Non-combat buildings and turrets will count, too!

Any Level 11 Building can win!

We’ll also choose 5 players with at least one level 11 building, and award you 1000 Platinum! Upgrade for your chance to win!

Cerulean Core Sale!

Get a discount on your level 11 upgrades! Cerulean Cores are on sale for the duration of the contest!

The contest and sale end at noon PST (7pm UTC) on May 4. Good luck!

In the event of a tie for the number of buildings, we’ll choose a winner randomly.

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