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Turret Expansion and Event!

April 29, 2012

Boost your Defense and Build more Turrets!

Your Command Center’s turret control software has been upgraded!
Starting at Command Center Level 6, you can build additional turrets in your base – up to 15 new turrets at Command Center Level 11!
Upgrade now and enhance your defensive strategy!

Nano Deconstructor

Customize your base with the Nano Deconstructor, opening space for new buildings and turrets! Available in the shop!

30 Turret Challenge: Win 500 Platinum

Every player that has 30 Turrets in their main base by 11:59 PM PST, 4/30 will get entered to win 500 Platinum and Cerulean Core! Start building now, and you could win BIG!
10 lucky winners will be selected and awarded after 4/30. All players who have 30 or more Turrets in their main base will be eligible to win. Turrets built prior to the start of the event will also qualify. Players who already have 30 Turrets in their main base have already qualified for the event.

Sale! 8-Hour Accelerators and Helio Salvage!

To help you expand rapidly, we’re placing 8-Hour Accelerators and Helio Salvage Crates on sale! Stock up and upgrade FAST!


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