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FREE Aurora-1 Schematic!

April 8, 2012

Special Offer!
Purchase 1000 Platinum or more by April 9 and receive a FREE Aurora-1 Schematic!

Your Aurora-1 Colony gives you more warps, a powerful shield generator, and access to the Bomba troops!

Your Schematics are in addition to the great Platinum and bonus items you’ll receive with your Platinum purchases.

All prizes will be delivered to your account on or after Tuesday, April 10. Good luck!

If you already have Aurora-1, check out our Bomba giveaway! Just research Bomba, and you’re eligible to win 100 free Bomba in your Staging Area!

Purchases must be made between 11am on 4/6 and midnight PST on 4/9 (7am UTC 4/10). Aurora-1 Schematics will be awarded in the Sector where you purchased your Platinum. Only bases which do not already have Aurora-1 Schematics are eligible to receive the free Schematics.

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