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Staging Area Expansion and Event!

March 14, 2012

Staging Area Expansion and Event!

Cerulea IV is a key battleground, and millions of alien soldiers stand ready to join your fight.

We’re dramatically increasing the capacity of your Staging Areas! Your army will be massive, Commander. How will you lead them?

Military Recruitment Event!

Now that we have more space, it’s time to move more troops to the front line. We’ve got special crates for the Commanders who have the most mechanized troops trained at the end of each day, now through Thursday!Prizes will be awarded each day! Three groups of winners total: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

200 players with the most Specters trained will win a 60-MINUTE TROOP ENERGIZER!
200 players with the most Terraknor trained will win a WARRIOR’S KIT!
200 players with the most Disruptors trained trained will win a MASTER’S KIT!
100 players with the most Pulse Tanks trained will win a HOUR OF POWER CRATE AND KIRA’S GIFT!!

Units must be trained and in your staging area by end of day each day! (Midnight PST, 7am UTC). Prizes will be awarded the next day.


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