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Rule the Sector: Omicron Canis Minorum

March 8, 2012

A new Sector has opened on Cerulea IV, Omicron Canis Minorum. As Commanders race to dominate, new rewards await those who triumph!

At the end of the day on March 9, the galactic overseers will examine the state of the Omicron Canis Minorum Sector and reward the following:

Every Level 8 Building:
1 KIRA’s Gift
Every level 9 Building: 2 KIRA’s Gifts
Every level 10 Building: 3 KIRA’s Gifts
Every level 11 Building: 4 KIRA’s Gifts

The 5 Alliances with the highest Map Score:
1 Terraknor Control for every member
The 100 highest level Commanders: 1 Helio Salvage Crate

Race to rule this new Sector!

We had lots of winners in our last new Sector contest in Trifid Nebula, and this time it’s even easier to upgrade: 10 million and 20 million Resource bundles are 50% off! Upgrade now!

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