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Edgeworld Updates 2/8

February 8, 2012

Here are your latest Edgeworld Updates! We’ve spent some time over the last week to fix issues, improve our security, and bring you exciting new features and free items!

Troop Transfer
You can now move units between Aurora-1 and your main base, including the powerful Bomba! Just click your Staging Area to send troops to the other base, at the cost of 1 warp per transfer.

Aurora-1 Schematics in Maar Bases
Attack a Maar base, and you could win the Aurora-1 Schematic for free! The base you attack must be at least 1/3 your level, and no more than your level. Aurora-1 Schematics are rare, so keep attacking until you find one!

Unit Health Meter
Watch the health of your units during combat, and withdraw from battle before your valuable troops are destroyed! This feature is exclusive to Kabam.com. http://www.kabam.com/Edgeworld

Zoot’s Loot Improvements
To show our appreciation for our community’s patience, we’ve upgraded Zoot’s Loot, and increased the probability of winning valuable items! Play Zoot’s Loot for free each day!

XP System Updates & Battle Limiters
We’ve placed a few limiters in place to help address some issues and improve our security. We’re sorry for any inconvenience to our players as we make these improvements to Edgeworld!

PvE Attack Restriction:
At most, you can attack a PvE base which is 1.5x your current level.
PvE XP Limiter: You can only gain 1 level per PvE attack. If you earn enough XP to level twice in one attack, you will gain 1 level and end up 1 XP short of the next level.
XP Max Level: If you gain a huge amount of XP at once, you’ll immediately go to the correct level, rather than slowly gaining one level every time you attack.

Bug Fixes
After transferring units to/from Aurora-1, the units in the Staging Area are displayed correctly.
KIRA should correctly know when the player does/does not have missions completed, and should not display ‘!’ unnecessarily.
The Alliance activity log should always be correct. Previously, the last page of the log could have errors. 

Thanks for reading! Play Edgeworld now! 


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